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Contemporary art does allow the artist to create art as long as it means something, as long it evokes the emotions, as long it can change something even as small as a perception of oneself. So, I look at today's society and I see too fat or too skinny too rich or too poor too tall or too short too clever or too stupid too fake or too honest. Too depressed and too anxious. I see a devastation. I see wrecked souls. Restless egos. Uncunning desire to have more, more and more. I see confused faces wondering who they actually should be to be seen. I see constant cravings to have what can't be possessed. Tempted by omnipresent access to drugs from the streets, pharmacies or doctors. I see... and I desire my work to heal, to be above all. I want my work to bring peace to overtired souls. I want it to cleanse over stimulated and ever so hungry egos... I want ... I am no different...

When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was one of those people who do what they love, but I never defined what is it I love to be doing.  When I discovered the passion for conceptual live performance art, and the idea of becoming a professional artist and art educator was born. All I wanted was to change the perception of what art can be, see what’s working (and what’s not), and encounter the status quo. 

Most of my art pieces are live actions and/or happenings. I am interested in a concept of boredom, mind and body limitations, the audience connection or disconnection. My art investigates moments of what is created when happens very little, close to nothing. Under extreme conditions, I like to challenge body, mind, reality and time. Often, by creating an intense atmosphere I provoke emotional reactions of the viewers in order to face my imperfections. Often my work emphasizes a sacrifice and spiritual contemplation which identify my desire to evoke the true self.



I am a live performance artist and a qualified Art teacher. I am running a sole trading company (PENCILtones), where I am being commissioned for portrait drawings from photographs.  



I was born in Poland in 1985

I am currently based in Eastbourne, UK.

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