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2020         FINE ART. Master’s Degree, University of Brighton, Brighton.

2016         POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATION OF EDUCATION - Teacher Training in Art, University of Brighton, Hastings. UK 

2014           ART&DESIGN - 1st Class BA (hons), University of Brighton, Hastings, UK 

2013             FINE ART CONTEMPORARY PRACTICE - Foundation degree, University of Brighton, Hastings, UK 

2011              ART&DESIGN - Foundation Diploma, Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne, UK 

                         SOLO EXHIBITIONS 

2018          JULIAN&I, 2 days and 2 nights long performance residency, 24 hrs a day, Project 78 Gallery, St. Leonards, UK 

2017          grains of life, 7 hrs a day 7days long performance residency, Project 78 Gallery, St. Leonards, UK 

2016          uncountable counts, 7 hrs a day 7days long performance residency, Project 78 Gallery, St. Leonards, UK 

2015          168 hours of bad titles, 7 days and 7 nights long performance residency, 24 hrs a day, Project 78 Gallery, St. Leonards, UK 

2014                  back home, video installation, Corridor Gallery, Sussex Coast College, Hastings, UK 


           2020          SEEING THE PRESENT IN THE WORLS, 128 ACADEMIC SHOWROOM, University of Brighton

           2019                MY INSIGNIFICANT PRICE, 128 ACADEMIC SHOWROOM, University of Brighton

                              RE: BIRTH, Spilt Milk Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

                              RESILIENCE, Loft- Croydon Art Store, London

                              UNTITLED, Painting Studios Gallery, MA Interim Show, University of Brighton

                              RESILIENCE, Devonshire Collective Gallery, Eastbourne

                              ITINERANT, Performance Art Festival NYC, Grace Exhibition Space, Manhattan, NYC, US

                              NOT THIS OR THIS, 128 ACADEMIC SHOWROOM. University of Brighton

           2018          SHH. 128 ACADEMIC SHOWROOM, University of Bridgton

                              AFTER DARK, Devonshire Collective Gallery, Eastbourne

                              IDENTITY 400 SYNODE DORD, DS17 Gallery, Dordrecht, NL

                              DEVONSHIRE MEMBERS, Devonshire Collective Gallery, Eastbourne

                   THE WHOLE IS OTHER (THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS), O.N.C.A Gallery, Brighton, UK 

2017           DEVONSHIRE MADE, "SHOWCASE", Devonshire Collective Gallery, Eastbourne, UK 

                    DEVONSHIRE MEMBERS, Devonshire Coffee shop, Eastbourne, UK 

                    EDITIONS, Project 78 Gallery, St. Leonards, UK 

2016           EDITIONS, Project 78 Gallery, St. Leonards, UK 

2015           EDITIONS, Project 78 Gallery, St. Leonards, UK 

2014              VIDEO DOCUMENTATION, error, The See Show, Printworks Gallery, Hastings, UK 

                       VIDEO INSTALLATION, back home, The Mirror Edge, Electro Studios Project Space, St. Leonards,UK 

2013                    PHOTO DOCUMENTATION, do you need a hug? Le Magazine, Dunkirk, France 

                           PHOTO DOCUMENTATION, coming back home, La Platforme, Dunkirk, France 

                           VIDEO INSTALLATION, back home, Le Magazine, Dunkirk, France 

                           FILMED PERFORMANCE VIEWING, study No 13, Rewind, Underground, Hastings UK 

                           SOUND INSTALLATION, sound installation No 1, Ici et La-Here and There, Lower Promenade, St. Leonards, UK 

2012                   COLLABORATIVE INSTALLATION, queen on toast, Sussex Coast College, Hastings, UK 

                            INSTALLATION, the projection, Underground, Hastings, UK 

2011                    FILMED PERFORMANCE PROJECTION. what makes you uncomfortable? Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne, UK 

2010                   EMPTY SHOP WINDOW DISPLAY, self -portraits, Regenerart, Eastbourne, UK 



2014          Platform Graduate Award, shortlisted for performing not so, after all at De La Warr Pavilion 

2013                  Award Nominee for creative excellence, VINCENT LINES, Memorial Trust 

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