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Ever since I am working with rice as the main medium I am investigating body and mental changes. I am examining the paradox between the strength and fragility of a body and mind. However, while I was advance pregnant with my second child, only a few months back, the video performance seemed to be the only available medium to express myself.  Due to all the physical and mental restrictions that I had to go through during the pregnancy projecting and re-projecting a digital text on to my pregnant body added layers to the piece conveying the complexity of the concept. I am also searching for surprising and unconventional solutions to ongoing self-discussion of how to document a live art and how digital documentation is changing the concept of live performance art. Recent thoughts made me change the way how I perceive performance and video art. Perhaps they do not contradict each other as I seem to be thinking ever since I practice live performance art.

I am, now inflicting the motherhood into my art pieces by participating in the Artist Residency in Motherhood. I am now working at home as my art studio, converting everyday life into everyday live performance. 

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